12 Reasons You Now Have Submechanophobia (Yes, It’s a Thing)

12 Reasons You Now Have Submechanophobia (Yes, It’s a Thing)
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Oh, HELL to the NOPE on a boat in a moat!

We’re guessing you didn’t realize you had a fear of man-made objects submerged in the murky depths of bodies of water, now did you?

Well, thanks to the niche subreddit r/submechanophobia you can clearly see just how haunting sunken ships and chains and propellers, among other manufactures items, are when they’re sitting in the darkness of an ocean. 

The photos are simultaneously filled with and stomach-churning horror , yet full of intrigue we can’t quite place.

So here’s to never touching a pool drain again and staying on land!

1. On the island of of Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Neptune stands ominiously in the ocean. 


via reddit

2. A diver has a freighter pass dangerously close overhead. 

via SarnXero

3. An oil rig’s legs looks like an underwater deathtrap.

via Toemel

4. The wreck of U.S.N.S. General Hoyt S. Vandenberg in Key West, FL, or ocean alien mothership?

via RyanSmith

5. Don’t go up the stairs!

via WendyRunningMouth

6. “Imagine diving near it, everything is calm and quiet, and then it turns on.”

via bioshockedtoinfinity

7. Where’s the captain, is he behind you?

via Damnoneworked

8. Who wants to go for a wild ride on this partially submered NJ rollarcoaster?

via huffingtonpost

9. Sunken street sign after Hurricane Harvey landed in Texas. 

via ImNoSheeple

10. You can’t leave now.

via gfycat

11. Can you imagine the cold metal on your hands?

via potpro

12. A sculpture from the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park by Jason Taylor is as scary as it gets. 

via Jason Taylor

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