Forever 21 Accused Of ‘Copying’ A Sporty & Rich Hoodie

Forever 21 Accused Of ‘Copying’ A Sporty & Rich Hoodie
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Forever 21 is facing accusations of ‘copying’ an independent designer’s hoodie.

Emily Oberg of Sporty & Rich, a magazine and small fashion brand selling hoodies, T-shirts and tote bags, has accused the high street store of copying one of her designs.

“When Forever 21 copies you”, Oberg captioned the below snap on her brand’s Instagram page.

The new Forever 21 hoodie (pictured above) reads ‘Smart & Pretty’. Oberg’s own design from last year (below) reads ‘Sporty & Rich’.

Oberg was first alerted to the similar design by her social media followers, who encouraged her to take legal action against Forever 21.

“Ideally I’ll sue and they’ll settle out of court, and take down the design,” she told The Huffington Post UK.

“I think protecting ideas is the real issue here.

“They probably understand that smaller brands like me don’t have a team of people ready to go after them and they probably think that a lot of people won’t go after them because it’s too much trouble,” Oberg added.

“But they know what they did, and so does everyone else.”

 Just last month, high street store Zara also came under fire for allegedly ‘stealing’ designs from another independent designer.

The Huffington Post UK has reached out Forever 21 for comment.

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